Climate Change Programme

About the Program

The READ-SL Adaptation to Climate Change (ACC) Programme is the first major climate change adaptation initiative in Sierra Leone.  Since its inception, the Programme has been laying the groundwork for more resilient rural communities that are better able to cope with climate variability today and climate change tomorrow. The Programme approaches this from two directions: it is working to enhance adaptive capacity on the ground, and it is driving the mainstreaming of climate risks into READ-SL’s development planning and activities.

The Programme is demonstrating best-practice adaptation in food security and food production climate-sensitive areas. Climate change threatens the achievement of all development goals. One solution is to mainstream climate change into the development process, that is, integrate climate risks into development planning processes and decision making.


The Programme seeks to create an enabling environment and enhance capacity of institutions and stakeholders at the community, national and regional levels to effectively manage natural resources and reduce the risks associated with climate change through the adoption of climate change adaptation mechanisms and removing the barriers to implementation.


The programme seeks to intervene in several related areas, including:

  • Enabling Environment for Adaptation to Climate Change – Policy, Legal and Institutional framework
  • Sustainable Land Management
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Watershed Management
  • Research and Systematic Observation
  • Disaster Response and Risk Reduction
  • Biodiversity Management – Resources Conservation; Protected Areas Management
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Education / Capacity-Building