Renewable Energy Programmes

About the Program

Every country needs clean, cheap, inexhaustible sources of electricity. But existing investments in power grids built on fossil fuels keeps most countries tied to costly, polluting energy sources.  READ-SL is ready to lead the way to save-the-people/save-the planet innovations and practices in Sierra Leone. Recent energy surveys show that Sierra Leoneans spend huge money annually on fuel for noisy, dirty diesel generators or for even more polluting charcoal. And still most people live in the dark.

Goal and Objectives

The goal is to ensure a safe, affordable and sustainable clean energy access for all, especially the rural poor and also to reduce emission of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs).


READ-SL aims to achieve the following objectives;

  • Enhance personal health and physical environment, and the reduction of premature death rates due to black carbon inhalation
  • Create awareness and sensitization campaigns in the rural communities, on the need to reduce black carbon emission and adopt cleaner technologies through product demonstrations.
  • Create a viable market and sustainable supply chain for improved and clean energy technologies.
  • Create a source of income and serving as a means of poverty alleviation by providing energy for homes and small businesses.
  • Create access to finance for rural business incubation and entrepreneurship.
  • Phase out kerosene and oily lamps, and the traditional three-stone-fire in rural communities through the introduction of solar lighting systems and clean cook-stoves and position Sierra Leone as a reference point for renewable energy technologies.
  • Provide 2 million clean cook-stoves across the five provinces in the country by the year 2022.



  • Provision of solar lights in rural homes and public places such as schools and clinics.
  • Provision of mini grids in selected rural communities
  • Supply energy-efficient light bulbs and mobile phone charging technology to customers.
  • READ-S/L will build low-cost solar powered micro grids to supply LED lighting and mobile phone charging services to rural villages.
  • READ-S/L will sell its custom-designed smokeless, fuel-efficient cookstoves to small businesses such as roadside eateries (cookery shops) and tea shops.