READ-SL is a rural development centered advocacy Non-Governmental organization committed to influencing energy development programs, policies for the benefit of the poor and vulnerable communities in Sierra Leone. Formed in January 2016, READ-SL is non-political, non-religious and non-discriminatory organization. READ-SL founding was not without a dream. We have a dream to extend the frontiers of knowledge for development and transformation through capacity building of local communities on clean energy, advocacy and lobbying for better policies in Sierra Leone’s energy sector.

In Sierra Leone’s case READ-SL appreciates that energy is one leading causes of poverty since electricity is a luxury for those who can’t afford a generator. This puts the poor and vulnerable communities in a disadvantaged position. For communities in rural Sierra Leone, access to reliable, efficient, affordable and clean energy will facilitate proper health care and education systems, small scale industrialization, facilitate livelihood development and mitigate eminent climate change effects that as a result of greenhouse emissions from fossil powered generators.

The United Nations in several of its studies estimates that around 1.4 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity, and that even those with access to electricity continues to battle with the challenge of unreliability and un-sustainability. READ-SL efforts aim at contributing to UN Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative which aims at making ninety percent of the world’s population to access sustainable energy by 2030. Our work is also focused on complementing Goal 7 of SDGs “Ensuring access to reliable and sustainable energy that everyone can afford”.

In addressing Sierra Leone energy problem READ-SL will work together with development partners, government and rural communities to put in place renewable energy solutions like solar, wind and biogas in off-grid households, secondary schools and health centers in rural communities around the country. READ-SL’s values embrace the human rights and participatory approach and will build on the knowledge and the technical foundations of existing development practices and further create synergies with these existent practices. Emphasis will be directed on participation and empowerment of the poor and their right to hold governments and other responsible actors such as the local councils accountable. This way it legitimizes and supports the struggle of poor people to secure the full spectrum of their right

What We Stand For Our vision, mission and core values are the foundation of our strategic plan and activities; these aim to provide a clear understanding of what we believe in and provide the inspiration for our work.
The Overall Objective READ-SL aims to contribute to the improvement of the environment in the country through the advocacy for and promotion of affordable, clean, reliable, efficient and sustainable source of energy as a poverty alleviation strategy for the rural poor.
Our values determine how we attain our objectives

Our strategic plan constitutes a framework of action programs with the following strategic objectives:

  • Strengthening the institutional capacity of READ-SL
  • Introducing and promoting RE services to rural communities as a clean, effective and assured source of energy for domestic and institutional use.
  • Promote effective environmental resource management through public awareness and education campaigns.
  • Promoting and creating awareness on renewable energy, and providing information on renewable energy markets
  • Intensifying capacity building and training.